Choosing Energy Suppliers

Choosing the right energy supplier and right tariff can make a big difference to your gas and electricity bills. The easiest and most convenient way of choosing an appropriate energy supplier is through a comparison website that compares tariffs of suppliers in your area so that you can switch to a supplier with a lower tariff. But make sure the site you use is Ofgem accredited so that you receive a holistic and reliable comparison to help you take the right decision.choosing_energy_suppliers

Here are a few things to consider when you choose your energy supplier:

  • How much will it cost you each month based on your average energy consumption?
  • If you are switching suppliers, how much will you save?
  • Is the energy tariff similar or better than that of your current supplier?
  • Is there any penalty for early termination of service?
  • Are you obliged to pay special tariff depending on your energy meter? Some meters like prepayment or dual rate have special tariff associated with them.
  • Are any discounts or benefits you avail with your current supplier available at the new supplier?
  • Check with other consumers about their level of satisfaction with the new supplier. This is because a cheap tariff may come with poor customer service that can make it hard for you to do business with them.

While choosing suppliers, don’t just look at their rates as the sole criteria. Look at your consumption pattern also. Your energy consumption pattern depends on various factors like the number of members in your house, size and type of your house, number of appliances, their daily usage and the like. Consider the various plans available with the new supplier and select one that best meets your usage pattern. Most energy comparison websites as well as supplier websites will allow you to assess how much you will save based on your current consumption rate. This can help you decide the appropriate supplier and tariff plan for your usage.

The process of choosing the right energy supplier is one that requires careful consideration. It is best to take help of energy comparison websites rather than undertaking a tedious market research on your own.

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