How to Compare Energy Prices in UK

Apart from big six major suppliers, there are many local suppliers from whom energy can be obtained at a much more competitive price. Even among the major players, deals and discounts vary from supplier to supplier. Customers can take advantage of cheaper tariffs and special deals and promotions to save money on gas and electricity bills.

How to Compare Energy Prices in UK

The first step towards choosing a suitable supplier is to undertake a comparison of various suppliers in your area as tariff may vary. Get information on pricing either by contacting the suppliers directly or by visiting their websites. You may also acquire information on pricing through advertisements and promotional campaigns launched by suppliers. However, all the above methods are cumbersome and require considerable investment of time. Even then there is a risk that the information you have may not be up to date.

Experts advise that the best and fastest way to do a price comparison is by visiting price comparison websites that deliver a ready comparison of various suppliers in your area. All you need to do is provide your postcode and any other information required by the site to do an effective comparison. Once you submit the required information, the comparison results will be made available to you almost immediately. This not only saves you time, the results are also much more accurate as such sites have real time information on tariff offered by various suppliers. Be sure to use a site that is accredited with the ofgem confidence code, a code of practice for energy price comparison sites. A site that is ofgem certified gives users the assurance that the results it shows is correct, reliable and unbiased.

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