How to Save on Utility Bills

With the ever rising cost of living, most households across UK struggle to manage their monthly expenses of which utility bills consume a formidable portion. Here are a few things you can do to cut down your utility bills and save money:

1. Compare and Switch

If you have not switched suppliers for a long time, doing so now might save you money. There may be new entrants in the market who offer competitive prices. There might also be money saving deals provided by the government or by the suppliers themselves for certain categories of consumers that you may be eligible for. A little bit of shopping around can lead you to suppliers with tariffs lower than what you are paying currently, allowing you to save every month on your gas and electricity bills.

2. Control your usage

Controlling your monthly usage of gas and electricity and eliminating wastage can help you save money. Ensure that your entire family is conscious about saving energy. A few tried and tested methods are to control heating by setting your thermostat to optimal temperature or even a degree lower than necessary, turning off heating in unused rooms, switching off heating when the house is unoccupied for a greater part of the day, using optimal loads on washing machines, dryers and dish washers, using only necessary amount of water while cooking and the like.

3. Take energy saving measures

Pay your energy bills on time so that you can continue to use a standard meter which is way less expensive than the prepayment meter installed on households with a history of defaulting payment. Install energy saving appliances in the house. Draught proof your house and also ensure your room and window insulation is effective so that you are not losing heat to the outside environment. Monitor your meter readings regularly or invest in an energy monitor to know how much you owe any time. This can help you to cut back on your usage whenever you see your bill going out of hand.

Energy saving measures cannot be taken all at once. They require investment of money and can only be done as and when your finances allow you. It also takes time to realize these savings. But, regularly comparing energy suppliers in your area and switching to one with a better deal can help you realize immediate savings in your utility bills.


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