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Online Energy Tariffs

In general, online energy tariffs are cheaper when compared to other tariffs. A customer can save more through online tariffs. What is online tariff and how it’s different from regular energy tariffs. Check the article below. Choosing online energy tariffs means you are agreeing to pay energy bills online (using Internet). You have to sign up and provide consumption details…

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Prepay Meters makes Poorer Households Pay More for Energy Bills

Poorer household customers are paying more than the customers on the cheapest energy tariff. Non Prepayment customers have enormous choices like online, dual fuel, fixed, green and discounted plans. Unfortunately, prepay customers can use only single tariff offered by the energy suppliers. As often, prepayment plan is much more expensive than other cheaper deals. There are several negative sides of…

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Energy bills High! Know your Rights as Energy Customer

Being an energy customer, you should know your rights and how you may use them. These rights are legal rights that protect customers when someone buy any products or services. Its just to protect you from companies when company’s owner try to take benefits from customers. When it comes to the energy market, big six energy companies British Gas, EDF,…

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