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Can You Swap Gas Supplier If You Have Arrears

As per Ofgem's recent data, 66% of households still remain on expensive standard variable tariffs. Some of them are not used to switching energy suppliers and some are on debts and not sure if they can switch

More than a million UK Households have this issue of debt with the Current supplier. The Supplier is not going to stop supplying energy when you have debt with them. Still, it is always better to repay the debts to avail good cheaper tariffs from all the suppliers. You can overcome the debt and maintain your financial condition properly. Suppliers are making huge profit by giving expensive energy tariffs to customers. So, the customers ultimate choice should be to Find Cheaper Suppliers in the Market and switch energy as many times as possible. This way, you save a lot of money and can be without debts.

Let us see the list of things that you should do when you want to swap Gas and Electricity supplier if you have arrears.

Options to Clear Your Debts :-
First thing that you should do is to call and check with the supplier on the exact debt amount. They help you by setting up a repayment plan. It can be paying your arrears weekly or monthly along with your regular bills or even moving you to a prepayment meter. Household with prepayment meters that have 500 or less debts, can switch energy suppliers in accordance with Ofgem's Assignment Protocol. If you find that you are not being switched by any supplier just because you have debt, you can always take it with the concerned authorities for a solution.
To know more about Prepayment Meter,    

You may also have to check if you are eligible for some Special Discounts like Warm Home Discount Scheme. This will reduce your burden on the energy bills.

Warm Home Discount Scheme Earlier customers living in poverty or low income were given Social Energy Tariffs. After 2011, these Tariffs were replaced with Warm Home Discount scheme to help customers with financial crisis. Get more information about Warm Home Discount scheme.

Now that you know you can switch supplier, you have to Find Cheaper Energy Supplier in Your Region.

In order to choose energy supplier, you should perform an online gas and electric comparison. Since there are a number of sites available for energy comparison, you have to choose the one that is impartial. Visit and switch energy suppliers in just 2 minutes. Enter postcode if you know how to do it otherwise leave it to us, drop your number in the website so that our experts can do it for you.