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Compare Dual Fuel Energy Tariff

Do you know what is dual fuel energy? How they work? Are they really useful? Here I am going to explain all about dual fuel energy, tariff, how you can Compare Dual Fuel Energy Tariff? What are the cheapest dual fuel energy tariff and many more.

Dual Fuel Energy Explained -

When both Gas & Electricity are supplied by the same energy supplier, it is called Dual Fuel Tariff. It means there is one single bill for both gas and electricity. You don't need to pay separately. The most important thing is that if you go for dual fuel, you may get discounts and offers from energy suppliers. Further, dual fuel energy tariff is beneficial for both customer and the energy company.

What are the advantages of availing dual fuel energy tariff?

There are plenty of benefits and discounts when you choose dual fuel energy tariff as described below-

  • Dual fuel energy tariff means cheaper tariff. It provides discount on monthly or annual basis on your energy bills.
  • It makes energy billing process simple. You will get bill from one company.
  • Moreover, if you have any problem, you just have to contact at one place for a solution.

Ultimately, the idea is just to save money. If you choose dual fuel energy tariff, most often, you will save some money instead of taking Gas and Electricity from different supplier. Now, the next question is how I can Compare Dual Fuel Energy Tariff? First of all, select an OFGEM approved energy comparison site to perform gas and electricity comparison. After that, find the cheapest energy deal and Compare Dual Fuel Energy Tariff to get best energy deal.

Some of the common questions related to Dual Fuel Energy Tariff

  1. Is Dual fuel energy tariff always provide cheaper deals?
  2. Discount and offers are totally based on the type of your contract. Moreover, it is not necessary that it is always cheaper. So, before switching make sure you have done comparison to know which one is cheapest.

  3. How Can I pay for dual fuel energy bills?
  4. The payment method is same as you do when you take gas and electricity supply separately. You can do payment by cheque and debit or credit card.

  5. Is dual fuel different from single fuel tariff?
  6. No, there is little bit difference in dual fuel and single fuel tariff on the basis of your contract. You get gas and electricity supply from the same supplier. Most importantly, you can save some money on energy bills.

  7. Is there any other way of saving money on gas and electricity?
  8. The most simple and effective way is to control consumption to balance your bills. Even, you can make some good habits to save energy like switch off light if you are using, replace bulbs with energy saver bulbs, turn your thermostat 1 degree down and many more.

  9. How long does it take to switch energy supplier?
  10. Online switching process will just take 5-10 minutes. However, the new supplier will supply in 4-5 weeks including cooling off period.

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