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What Types of Energy Tariffs Best Suits You?

Energy Tariff is the amount charged for usage of gas and electricity in home, business etc. Getting cheapest tariff helps in saving money. For that, you should Compare Energy Tariffs in order to know which tariff is going to be cheaper in accordance with your personal utilization. Before doing energy comparison, you should know what types of energy tariffs best suits you? Thus, today my article is all about types of energy tariffs, just browse this article below and you can find out some useful information regarding energy tariffs.

Here I have mentioned some of the common energy tariffs which are frequently used by large number of customers.

Duel Fuel Tariff

This tariff includes both gas and electricity bills. Suppliers offer several discount and offers if you prefer duel fuel tariff. It's not complex one as normal tariff as you don't need to handle different accounts and energy companies. Switching process is very convenient, just you have to compare duel fuel rates.

Capped Fuel Tariff

Capped Fuel Tariff provides guarantee for fixed duration. If prices rise, your unit rates will not rise. On the other hand, if the prices fall, you can take advantage of the same. As compared to normal tariffs, this energy tariff is slightly costlier but you have the upper ceiling for your rates.

Fixed Energy Tariff

This tariff is analogous to the capped fuel tariff with a small change. This tariff comes with fixed time period and price rise in market will not affect you. Unfortunately, if energy supplier cut down standard energy tariff, you will not get any type of benefit. This is also costlier but protects tariff from the increasing energy prices in the market.

Online Energy Tariffs

Now a days, online energy tariffs are the best one. You can use your email to submit meter reading, pay bills and also download your statement. You can manage conveniently all your energy related stuffs effortlessly. Most of the energy supplier gives you special discount if you go for online energy tariffs. This will save money and time for both the supplier as well as the customer.

Fixed Price Energy Tariff vs Variable Rate Energy Tariff

Economy 7

Economy 7 has different rates for different on peak and off peak hours . It provides cheapest electricity tariff for 7 hours in the night. It's timing is 1 am to 8 am. If you use more electricity at night then this is the best tariff. One thing you should know is the per kilowatt during peak hours. Only then you can take benefit of this tariff. Only when you use 55% electricity during night, it is worth to use Economy 7 meter. If you install this special meter, it will take meter reading for day and night separately.

Economy 10

This tariff is similar to the Economy 7 but it has a spread peak times like 2 hours in afternoon, 3 hours in evening and 5 hours in night. You need a special meter which will record reading of on peak and off peak time. You can save upto 50% on energy bills but be careful other than this off peak time, prices will be slightly higher. Along with installation charges, it will give discount and offers to new customers.

Prepayment Tariff

According to this tariff, you have to pay for your gas and electricity bills in advance using tokens, cards or keys. This tariff is the best when you are in debt with your supplier.

Best Practices on Switching with Prepayment Meter

Social Energy Tariff

This tariff helps UK households in fuel poverty, if their gas and electricity bills is equal or more than 10% of monthly income. If someone comes under this criteria, the energy supplier slowly transfers them to a Social tariff rate as it is not possible for everyone to be qualified for warm home discount.

Green Energy Tariff

This tariff is going to be very popular as some of the suppliers providing energy to the customers through renewable resources on behalf of fossil fuel. This again is a costly tariff.

Now it's all depends on you which energy tariff you want to go for. Once you make your mind that you want a particular tariff then you can easily Compare Energy Prices to get best gas and electricity deals at cheapest rate. We, VswitchUsave provide energy comparison facility. You just have to enter postcode and select your preferences.

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