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How long does it take to switch energy supplier?

Switching energy provider is very simple and a convenient process. Being a tech savvy and smart citizens, definitely you want to know bit more about switching energy supplier. How it works? What happens when you opt for switching? how long does it take to switch energy supplier? What will be the best time for switching? Browse this post and get answers for all your questions regarding this -

1.How switching energy supplier works?

Once you decided that you want to switch energy provider, you have to choose ofgem approved energy comparison websites. After that, you can compare energy and find best gas and electricity deals for your home as well as business based on your usage.

2.What will happen after choosing energy retailer?

The energy supplier will call and confirm the date of switching for changing to new one. They will ask for meter reading to consider it as closing date of energy supply with your current supplier. On the other side, this reading will be opening reading for the new supplier.

3.How long does it take to switch energy supplier?

This is one of the genuine questions asked by customers that how much time it will take. Commonly, it takes 17 days from the day you change supplier. It contains 14 days of cooling off period. I mean in case if you change your mind, you can reverse your decision.

4.What is the correct time of switching?

First thing, it is totally based on your arrangement with your current supplier. It might be possible that you have to pay some penalty if you switch before the end of contract date. So, its better you wait for the end of contract. Further, when the savings are more despite the penalty, you can change immediately.

5.What are the things you should look carefully before switching energy supplier?

Before picking any energy tariff, keep these points in mind -

  • Payment modes - Based on the mode of payment, you may get offers and discount on your plan.
  • Terms and Conditions - What are the terms and conditions you agreed with your existing supplier? Is there any penalty if you change supplier during the contract period
  • Special offers and discounts - New customers are provided with deals that have attractive offers and discounts. But don't forget to check if would be costlier in the longer run.
  • Customer Service - One of the important things is how promptly they will answer your queries and sort out the issues related to billing . For this, you can check the start ratings with review sites about suppliers as well as ask to your friends.

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