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Who Supplies Gas and Electricity? Find in Just 2 Minutes

After moving home, do you think it is a tough task to find out your current supplier? Further, you may also have to check if you are on a good deal and if not find ways to switch to a new supplier. You don't need to be worried and it is not as tough as you might imagine. You have reached the right place. This article is all about how you can find your energy supplier effortlessly.

How Can You Find Your Gas Supplier?

If you don't know who is your gas supplier? You just need to dial the following number, doesn't matter which part of UK you are living in?
Meter Number Helpline No - 0870 608 1524.
Even you can find your MPRN number(Meter Point Reference Number), this will help in determining unique gas supply to your home. For customers who recently moved house and don't have gas bills with them, they can call this number to know their gas supplier and other required details.

Who Supplies Gas and Electricity

How Can You Find Your Electricity Supplier?

You can easily find your electricity supplier by calling on your regional electricity distribution telephone number. Check below given list of regions along with their telephone numbers.

Region Find Energy Supplier's Phone Number
North East England 0845 6013 268
North West England 0870 7510 093
North Scotland 0345 026 2554
Central and South Scotland 0330 1010 300
Eastern England 0845 6015 467
Southern England 0845 0262 554
South East England 0845 6015 467
South West England, South Wales, West & East Midlands 0845 6015 972
London 0845 601 5467
Yorkshire 0845 070 7172
Merseyside, Cheschire, North Shropshire & North Wales 033 0101 0300

The above table will help you, especially, when you are Planning to shift your home in some other UK region, then you may not have any idea about your new Energy Provider.

Before you move, the first thing you have to do is to inform your current supplier that you are shifting your home. He will provide you a final bill. After that, you have to Call On Helpline Number 0870 608 1524 and they will tell you who will supply gas and electricity in your new home. We understand shifting to new home is a laborious task always and leave the task of shifting your energy to us. We will facilitate you to get the cheaper energy services. Call us at 01183150930 and we will take care.

Vswitch Usave, independent website helps you in doing online price comparison. It's a free service. It's one of the trusted energy comparison websites for giving you unbiased output. You can conveniently use it for Gas and Electric Comparison. We provide most flexible option for switching energy supplier as mention below.

Opt for option that you find more comfortable for Switching Energy Suppliers UK