Simple 5 Steps to Switch your Energy Supplier

There still are a lot of customers who have never tried switching their suppliers. Either they find it hard to understand how it works or they are not interested to attempt something new. Are you one among them? Once, you get to understand the process, you will know how easy and hassle free it is to switch your energy supplier.vsus-blg

Simple 5 Steps to Switch your Energy Supplier

Step 1 – Choose an appropriate website to compare energy prices.

You should always select an Ofgem accredited website to perform Energy Comparison. The energy comparison website should compare your price with all suppliers in the market. The website should make an unbiased comparison of energy prices, so that you can save money on gas and electricity bills.

Step 2 – Enter postcode to switch energy provider in UK

Suppliers have different prices for different region. In fact, some suppliers are not available in certain areas. The prices vary according to region you live. This is identified through the post code you submit in the website. So, In order to switch energy provider in UK, you need to enter the postcode for which you wish to change the Energy supplier.

Step 3 – Check out some questions related to your existing supplier & energy usage

Once you enter postcode, the website will ask for your current supplier, tariff details, payment methods, whether you have Economy 7 meter etc. The website will also ask if you wish to compare both gas and electric, or just one of this.  The more accurate information you give, the result will also be accurate.

  • Supplier
  • Tariff
  • Meter Type
  • Usage
  • Payment Term
  • Payment Method

Step 4 – Select tariff/plan

Here, you get two options. Either you can click for the available tariffs to switch immediately or you can view all the tariffs.

Step 5 – Confirm Switching energy supplier

Usually the top cheap supplier is displayed on top of the list followed by the other suppliers in order of the saving they offer. You can select the supplier of your choice. Finally, you have to give some basic personal information to complete the application to switch your energy supplier. Usually, the switching process takes less than 3-4 weeks. You will receive a call from the supplier asking for your meter reading & that’s it. Your supply will be from the new supplier then on.

So, It’s easy, free and no hassle task to switch your energy supplier. Don’t waste any more time thinking about how to switch. Switch your energy supplier today and save money on gas and electricity price.

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