Benefits On Switching Your Energy Supplier

Households across the UK are increasingly becoming conscious of the fact that they can save a considerable amount of money every month on their energy bills, simply by switching energy providers. Switching suppliers to save money also has the backing of the government which had launched a campaign called ‘Power to Switch’ last year to increase awareness on this topic.why_switch_energy_supplier

For those who are still deliberating on this, here are 4 great reasons for you to make the switch.

  1. You save money
    A UK government study estimates that households can save up to £200 by switching energy providers and many families can save even more. Several energy companies have cut down rates in the recent past which means this is a great time to make a switch. Since rates offered by providers vary year on year, you may benefit from comparing energy prices for various providers in your area and switching to the one with the least tariff.
  2. You get new offers and discounts
    New entrants in the market and even established companies who are trying to expand their customer base often launch attractive offers and energy deals. Some provide introductory rates that you can avail for a limited period. If your current contract is about to expire, you can search the market for deals and exclusive prices being offered by other providers and take advantage of them.
  3. The Ofgem trust factor
    Many people use energy comparison websites to find a provider with a lower tariff. Trustworthy energy comparison websites are Ofgem certified which means the information they provide is accurate and unbiased. Using such websites saves you time and gives you comprehensive information like current rates, offers and discounts, customer feedback, and more so that you can take an educated decision.
  4. Switching process is easy
    As per government directions, the energy bills provided to customers should contain clear guidelines on how to switch providers. Also, it takes only 17 days for the switch to happen unlike earlier where it could take as much as 5 weeks. Your new energy provider will own the responsibility of making the switch without any interruption to your supply.

Things to keep in mind

While switching your energy provider lets you save money on your energy bills, there are a few things you should consider before deciding to switch:

    • If you have a fixed-term contract with your current provider, you may be liable to pay a penalty if you wish to switch before the expiry of your contract. Contact your service provider to find out how much you will be liable to pay before making the switch.
    • Once you identify a provider with a lower tariff, make sure you talk to other customers and read reviews on the new provider before making the switch. This is so that you can avoid switching to a service provider with a history of poor customer service.

Stop paying excess money every month. Switch your energy providers today.

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