How Can I make My Home More Energy Efficient?

Being energy efficient is not only to cut down cost of electricity bills but also to contribute for the environment. The easiest of all the ways to cut down your bills is to save power by switching off unwanted electrical appliances. Alternatively, you can save on energy bills by installing solar panels, reducing heat loss especially during winter by insulating your home. Installing solar panel is a one-time investment. Energy generated through solar panels is Green Energy. The return on investment is good when your supplier is also paying you for the excess power you generate is send back through the grid.  We have discussed below few energy efficient methods and ways to save money on utility bills.

Make your walls and ceilings insulated – Insulation helps in keeping heat inside the room in winter or in summer by causing slow heat flow out. So, it’s necessary to improve insulation in your home.

Heating and Hot water Systems – People spend more than half the money on fuel bills. Heating and hot water systems attribute to the huge spend. If there is hike in fuel prices and thereby energy prices, using efficient and effective heating system is a key requirement. Most commonly, boilers, radiators or electric storage system is used in typical UK household that needs your attention.vsu-blog

Energy Improvement Tips –

  • Replace old appliances with new and efficient one.
  • Check for better controls and make sure boiler provides heat only when required.
  • You can use renewable technology or lower carbon fuel technology for producing gas and electricity.

Choose an appropriate appliances – When you are buying home appliances, you should check out for the energy ratings label on appliances and size of appliance that you need. Most of us keep the appliances in standby mode thinking that it saves energy, but actually it is not. Instead of switching off the TV or DVR on remote, directly switch off power from the main cable that connects your TV. Never leave on standby when they are not in use. This will help reduce electricity consumption.

Energy Efficient Lighting – Lighting consumes 18% of the household electricity bills. You can save power by using energy efficient lighting. The two types of lightings that you can use are CFL and LEDs. The most efficient lighting is LED that would cut down a major portion of your energy bill. You get both Standard LED fitting or spotlights.

Smart Meters – By the end 2020, every home and business in Britain will have smart meters. It is the next generation of gas and electricity meters. It will keep monitoring the energy consumed and also sends actual meter reading to the suppliers. It provides accurate and real time information of energy usage. Know more about smart meter –

Switching to GREEN Tariff – In order to reduce carbon foot print, you can switch to GREEN Tariffs offered by various suppliers. Normally, electricity is generated through fossil fuels such as coal, gas or oil. But these green tariffs come from various renewable energy sources.

If you still want to reduce your energy bills, you can switch energy supplier who offer you the best of the deal available in the market. Before switching, you may have to do a gas and electricity comparison. There are a lot of online comparison portal available for you to compare gas and electric tariffs. You have the option to choose the best of the deal from the results table after comparing the price of your current supplier with the others. Most of the comparison sites do not represent or promote a particular energy company. Once you ensure this and confirm that the site is “Ofgem” Accredited, please go ahead, switch energy provider & save money on gas and electricity bills.

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