How can I Save Energy using Gadgets?

Are you a gadget addict? Do you like little devices for doing regular works? Then, why not use them in saving money on energy? These devices are not expensive.

Some of the gadgets are – 

Electricity Usage Monitor – This device helps in calculating how much electricity is consumed. If you find any devices that are pulling a significant load then you can have a controlled usage to reduce your energy consumption.

Radiator insulation foil– Once you installed radiator insulation foil behind radiator, you can redirect the heat into the room. Just like other heating device, insulation foil maximizes the energy. It’s simple and easy and cheaper to buy.

How can I Save Energy using Gadgets?

Energy Efficient Bulbs – If you haven’t installed energy efficient bulb till now, then this is the right time to do it.  It cut downs energy bills and durable up to 10 years. With this, you can save around £30 a year, and only costs about £15.

Efficient Washing Machine– Using an efficient washing machine will decrease laundry loads per month and even less amount of water is required in it.

Freeloader Pico – Freeloader Pico is a compact portable solar charger. You can use it for charging your mobile phones. Even, it comes with four different connector tips, so that you can charge almost any type of phone and lots of other gadgets too. It helps in  saving main power and your phone and gadgets will never left without charge again.

Chimney balloons – Using a chimney balloon helps to  stop the heat escaping up the chimney and keeps the cold air out. It is easy to install and inexpensive.

Letterbox flap – It helps in keeping the cold air out and the heat in. With letterbox flap, you can do immediate saving on gas and electricity bills and make your home comfortable.

Block draughts – Block draughts are used for saving energy and keep the heat in your house. You can use it by expanding foam to squirt into cracks and gaps or add a draught excluder to the bottom of your doors. It is commonly used in old and large houses.

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