Why deals with small energy suppliers are cheaper?

Small energy suppliers often offer cheap gas and electricity deals. Do you know why? No! Today, this post is all about why deals with small energy suppliers are cheaper.

One of the main reasons of facilitating cheaper energy deals is the ECO (Energy Company Obligation). The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) insulation scheme costs at least £50 per household, only applies when a supplier has 250,000 customer accounts or 125,000 dual-fuel customers.

UK government exempted small energy providers from ECO with the intention to make energy markets more competitive. This has given some advantage to small suppliers over Big six companies. Moreover, small energy providers are not restricted to their smaller budget, yet allowed to make savings. This saving is given to the customers by allowing the suppliers to offer you best gas and electricity deals.

Why deals with small energy suppliers are cheaper?

I can understand what question is running in your mind. How Can I trust small energy supplier? May be you never heard the names of some small energy suppliers.

Since 2013 more than 20 new suppliers entered in the energy market. Their rates are cheaper than big six companies. Again, you will think is it right to switch with them?

All energy supply is same till you are not switching to renewable energy. What matters is to know about supplier whom you are going to pay, for this you have to check bit about supplier before switching.

Here, you can take help from energy comparison sites. It will provide background details of the suppliers including existing time to them in the market and customer service rating (some are too new that rating is not available). Even, you are looking for more trusted consumer review, check sites like Trustpilot to search for a real review.

At last, you can go for cheaper gas and electricity deals just you have to look over market to find the best one

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