Easy And Quick Energy Switching

Recent changes made by the government in the energy sector have made it easier than ever before to switch suppliers. A few of these changes are:

Changes to Energy Tariffs

Earlier, gas and electricity providers could design as many tariffs as they liked and offer attractive deals to entice customers. A consumer trying to compare energy providers in an area was met with a huge variety of tariffs and deals which made comparison an onerous and  cumbersome task. Recent regulation changes allow providers to offer a maximum of four tariffs for electricity and four for gas for each type of meter. Also, tariffs with no end-date have been discontinued and are no longer available to new customers.

More Transparency In Service

New regulations force providers to inform all customers about their cheapest tariff and to present them with a quote that clearly shows how much they can expect to pay every year based on their current consumption pattern. Providers are also required to generate billing in a common format that makes it easy for consumers to compare one tariff against the other.Switching Energy Suppliers

Support Services Hotline

The government has created support service lines that serve to inform customers about various energy tariffs and guides them to save money on their energy bills. Some of them are the Energy Saving Advice Service which provides information on switching tariffs and/or providers, and the Big Energy Saving Network that provides advice on resolving energy issues.

Reduced Switching Time

The average time required to switch providers has also been reduced considerably. Earlier, where it used to take nearly 5 weeks to complete the switching process, the same can be done now in only 17 days. The providers are also required to make the process hassle-free for consumers.

Overall, the market has never been so conducive to switching energy providers. All the above changes have made the energy market more transparent. Now, it is very easy for consumers to compare energy providers and switch to a provider or tariff that gives them the most value for their money. There are no charges applied to switch providers and consumers do not face a disruption in supply.  Take advantage of the recent reforms in the energy market and compare energy providers today to switch and save money.

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