Easy Guide to Improve Energy Efficiency while Cooking

Everyone wants to save money on energy bills. For that, they prefer to turn off light, use conservatory, LED lightening etc. Do you know cooking costs 4% of the average gas and electricity bills? It’s very common that whenever you think of energy efficiency in kitchen, first thing comes in your mind is appliances. Yes, appliances matter a lot. Still there are so many things you can do to improve energy efficiency while cooking. If you have energy calculator at your home, you can easily find out how much energy is consumed by oven.


Tips for Energy Efficient Cooking –

  1. Always try to cook food by covering pot & pans. It will help cook food quickly and save gas.
  2. Carefully select your appliances whether it is a oven, toaster oven or microwave. You should go for smaller appliances as they utilize less heat in comparison to the bigger one.
  3. Buy high quality stovetop, since a wrapped pan wastes 50% of the heat. For example – Glass or ceramic pans are better as they use 25% less heat than normal pans.
  4. Prepare food in batches so that most of the heat gets utilized.
  5. You can cut down the cooking time by defrosting food in advance.
  6. Cut food in smaller pieces so that they can be cooked easily.
  7. Always use stainless steel skewers.
  8. Invest in countertop appliances like pressure cooker or slow cooker. Even, you can opt for solar box cooker for minimizing bills.
  9. You can cook several daily meals which can be prepared in one pot.
  10. Clean your stovetop often to increase burner efficiency as lower surface of pans get blackened due to regular use.

Apart from all these, one thing that helps you in improving energy efficiency as well as in saving money is to switch supplier. Compare electricity prices and switch supplier if you find a cheaper deal for gas and electricity. You can choose the best energy provider available in your region for a lesser cost.  For this, vswitchusave is one of the suggested website that gives you impartial comparison outcome. Energy comparison process is very convenient, you can do it yourself and find the best gas and electricity deals.

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