Expert’s Advice on Energy! Moving House

When you Move House generally there is a lot of chaos and things are messed up completely. Gas and Electricity supply should be one on top of your list to get sorted out.  It is possible that your current supplier is not present in the new region / postcode.

Here is the conversation with our experts to help you in this – MOVING HOUSE

What happens to the Electricity Supply when I move House?

You may have to inform your supplier that you are moving house. When you move to a new property, if there is an existing supplier in that property, you may have to check with them on the tariff that you are currently with. This would help you in case if you want to switch energy provider your supply to a cheaper tariff or supplier.movinghome-jpeg

Can I get the same Supplier and Tariff in the new Property?

Actually, it totally depends upon the availability of your existing supplier in the new postcode that you are moving to. If you are changing your home, you may not be able to get the same supplier or the same tariff that you are currently getting for the existing property. The energy tariffs and supplier cheapest gas and electricity prices depends on the post code you live.

If I am renting a Property, Do I have full access to the range of tariffs?

Yes, if you are the person responsible for your energy supply, you do have the option to switch to the cheapest deal available in your area

Is it possible to switch from prepayment meter to a credit meter in my new Property?

Supplier can only do this. They may do a credit check before switching energy suppliers you from credit meter. First of all, you should call your current supplier and check if you are eligible to replace your prepayment meter or not. In fact, if you decide to switch from prepayment meter to credit meter, you can save money.

What If I am moving to a flat? Do I need to use same supplier?

No, it’s not necessary because each flat can have different supplier. If you are going to purchase new flat, the existing property owner would have put all properties with one energy company. Once you move in, you can switch to a cheapest energy provider and save money.

Can I switch supplier when I move house, if I am in debt with energy supplier?

You may have to settle all your outstanding bills before you switch energy supplier. This is also important when you are moving house. If the same provider is not available in your new home, it would be difficult for you to switch without settling the outstanding bills. The best option is to call the supplier and check with him.

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