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Being an entrepreneur, you don’t have enough time to concentrate on each and every section of your business. However, it’s fact that electricity bills take away a huge amount of your profit. Hence, you cannot ignore it. Thus, today I am going to tell you all about half hourly electricity meters.

What is half hourly electricity meters?

The half hourly electricity meter is mainly used in business to record how much electricity is utilised every half an hour. It is connected with wireless or fixed connection in order to transfer reading directly to the energy supplier. There is no need to take the manual reading and then submit. It automatically takes the accurate and precise reading of the meter.

half hourly electricity meters

Which business uses half hourly electricity meters (HHM)?

It is mostly used by the business, having 100 kilos Volt Ampere(KVA) or more demand like industries or large offices. However, if business consumes 70 KVA or more, they can still go for half hourly electricity meters.  It is because of the accurate billing.

How do HHM works?

It works in the same manner as a regular meter. HMM sends meter reading via a phone line or internet connection after every 30 minutes. Since it is automated, you don’t need to submit readings to the supplier.

  • It calculates the unit charge and daily rate to produce a concise bill.
  • Previous data are used for negotiating with your next business energy supplier.
  • It monitors usage and implements energy management program.

Can I switch business energy tariff?

Yes, you can do it with half hourly meter. The process of switching is complex and complicated but you don’t need to worry at all. You can simply go for any independent comparison website, they can perform the whole process on behalf of you. VswitchUsave is one of the trusted websites for business energy comparison. Just fill the simple application form and our energy expert will contact you. Surely, you will get cheaper business energy tariff.

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