When the Heat goes up so do your Energy Bills

It is not because of the Boilers or Heat Pump. It’s not about basking in the sunshine on the couple of hot days. At first glance, you tend to think of excessive energy bills during the summer. When you choose a fixed price tariff for a year or two, your energy bills are going to be same irrespective of your usage during the summer months.  During summer, your usage is less, but not your electricity bills. The bill is estimated for one year and then distributed equally every month. At the end of the year, if your usage is more, you will be asked to pay more and if it is less, the energy company will give you credit in their quarterly or annual statement.

Let it be summer or winter. The fact is, as a customer, we want to reduce the energy bills. Well, we all know that we can go for an energy saving plan like switching off the unnecessary lights, using natural light as far as possible. But sometimes it is not enough to just minimize electricity and gas bills. Then, what should we do? For saving money, you can think of switching energy supplier with the available cheapest plan in the market for your electricity and gas supply.

Switching energy provider with vswitchusave

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Do you have any query or if you require any help in the switching in the switching process, our expert advisors are available to help you.

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