How to make your fridge and freezer more energy efficient?

As soon as spring gets over, summer will knock your door. Being hot and humid season, it increases the use of cooling devices like fridge and freezer. These devices are used for 24 hours continuously without turning off. As a result, it includes a major section of your household bills. It is used by almost all households. So, there is no harm to go for energy efficient fridge and freezer. Moreover, it not only helps in saving money, but also reduce carbon footprint.

Have a glimpse on energy efficient fridge and freezer tips –

We mentioned simple and feasible energy efficient tips so you can easily perform and save energy.

  1. Keep your fridge temperature between 3 and 5°C and freezer at -18°C. The constant temperate will keep your food cool and reduce power consumption.
  2. Try to keep your fridge away from cooker and direct sunlight. Keep it in a cool place, so that it works more efficiently.
  3. Keep your fridge 10 cm from the wall, it will allow the coil to work well. Every month clean the coils to make it dust free but don’t forget to unplug the fridge first.
  4. Don’t put hot food in the fridge, let it cool to room temperature and then store it in refrigeration. The refrigerator will consume more energy to cool hot food.
  5. Check your fridge defrost works automatically or not. As building of ice will stop fridge/freezer normal functioning. You should defrost ice regularly.
  6. Check for seal of your fridge’s door, as it is the key of good fridge and keep them clean to maintain the seal.

Apart from these general points, what do you think, do you need a new fridge/freezer or not?

Fridge and freezer are like other electronic devices. After a particular duration, their efficiency decreases. So, if your fridge is of 10 years or more, you should better replace and buy a new one. Energy efficiency is measured in label grades from A to G for energy use with scale up to A++ for fridges and freezers.

Other energy efficient methods for you home is given below –

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