Online Energy Tariffs

In general, online energy tariffs are cheaper when compared to other tariffs. A customer can save more through online tariffs. What is online tariff and how it’s different from regular energy tariffs. Check the article below.

Choosing online energy tariffs means you are agreeing to pay energy bills online (using Internet). You have to sign up and provide consumption details and meter readings online. Further, you will receive bills by email or log in to energy supplier’s website. If any problem arises, you can speak to energy provider over phone. Moreover, it’s your choice of paying bills through Internet banking or directly through debit card or credit card.

Have a look on advantages of Online Energy Tariffs –

  • Sending meter reading online is easy and quick.
  • Ensure precise gas and electricity bills.
  • With online energy plan, it’s not only easier to manage account but also cheaper one. It always comes with extra benefits that are not available with other tariffs.
  • Offers hundreds of pounds cheaper when you prefer online energy plan as they don’t need to worry about sending mail or staffing call centres.
  • Administrative cost is comparatively low and due to this suppliers pass saving to customers.
  • Large discounts are available on using online plan including other offers on payment through debit card.

Online energy plans are more competitive compared to other tariffs. They provide cheaper gas and electricity plans to the customers.

Signed up online and managing account doesn’t mean you are on online plan as it is available on standard plan also. You can find by looking at the name of your plan as ‘online’ or ‘web’ word included in it. Otherwise, you can make a call to your supplier and ask them.

All energy plans are not available online because everyone doesn’t find it suitable. Those who are recently sign up for online energy plan may find managing account and bills extremely confusing. Even, some customers prefer seeing bill in their hand. They don’t feel secure sharing personal details online.

To check if you could save money by switching to an online energy plan, just compare gas and electricity prices at You will get a list of plan as well as how much you can save.

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