Quick Review of Smart Meter

About Smart Meter

Smart meter will replace traditional gas and electricity meters which we have been using for decades. It comes with advance technology and features. Digital smart meter display in order to show the exact meter reading. It sends automated reading of gas and electricity directly to the energy supplier.

There is no issue of estimated bill and you need to pay for the exact usage of gas and electricity. By the year 2020 it is expected that every home in UK will have smart meters.

Benefits of Smart Meters

  • Accurate bills for the actual consumption
  • Real time energy usage
  • Puts an end to Estimated billing
  • Monitor your own energy consumption accurately
  • Appliance based energy usage
  • Modify the usage to save money

How do I get smart meter?

By 2020, UK Government is planning to install all homes with it. Suppliers are responsible to replace the traditional meters with Smart Electricity and Smart Gas Meters (Unless you don’t have mains gas).vsus-blmeter

How much do smart meter cost?

There is no extra charge. Just like you pay energy bills through traditional meters, you can pay for smart meter through bills.

How do they work?

This device not only gives exact usage reading of energy, but also in real time – so you can also measure how much energy you are presently using as well as past hour, day, week etc.

Is it possible to have Smart Meter for Prepayment Meters?

Yes. Smart meter makes prepayment easier. You can load on the go through mobile phone. Even, you can track how much credit is left with your smart meter. Thus, it’s not required to keep checking bills. You can add money automatically online via

You can add money automatically online via app, message etc over phone. Additionally, prepayment meter customers don’t need to load huge money.

Is it possible for a non-technical person to use smart meter?   

Yes. Smart meter directly sends gas and electricity usage to the supplier & you don’t need to do anything. It’s just like checking time on clock. You can understand the usage through the in-home display provided by the supplier.

Can I switch energy supplier with smart meter?

Yes, of course. Normally, the comparison company cannot do this online. Once the switch is live, you can call the supplier and ask for Smart Meter installation. Based on the availability of smart meters and the place you live, the supplier can install Smart Meters. After installation they also give you in-house display to understand the usage almost real time.

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