Switch Gas And Electricity Providers at the Right Time

Did you ever speculate when is the best time to switch gas and electricity suppliers? Most of the people don’t think about this until they have been paying high energy bills for longer duration.

Yes, it’s not an easy task to find a particular time to perform it. We’d suggest you to compare energy prices every 6-9 months to ensure whether you are on cheaper gas and electricity deals or not. Besides this, there are certain things which you can follow – season, duration of your contract and the market.


Still wondering! When is the right time to switch energy providers?

Right time to switch energy could be on any of the following moment:

  • If you haven’t switched energy provider for last 12-18 months, you can do it now. Many gas and electricity supplier’s tariff expires after this sort of duration, then supplier migrate customers on standard tariff, could be more expensive.
  • When you hear from media about rising energy prices, or any big supplier has announced a price rise. Commonly, when one raised prices, other may follow suit. Taking fixed tariff at the instance is a well advised option, ensuring that the price will not increase for certain time.

  • You can switch energy provider just before your tariff ends. It will take up to 21 days and if you don’t, they will move you to an expensive standard tariff. The best idea is to start shopping, around several weeks before your deal expires.
  • You can explore the energy market to find the cheapest energy deal. It’s just not big six energy provider¬† – EON, British Gas, EDF Energy, Scottish and Southern Energy, Scottish Power, and nPower, who can provide the best deal, cheaper deals are also available with a small energy provider.

Now, it’s compulsory for all tariffs (except standard/ever-green tariffs) to have an ‘end date’. So, it’s necessary for people who have switched in the past should remember the expiry date of their plan and actively go for next best gas and electricity tariff once their current deal expires. We compare every single energy tariff in the market at vswitchusave.co.uk.

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