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UK Consumers and Big Six Energy Providers Relationships

As you are well aware about what’s going on in energy industry now a days. Five major big six suppliers raised prices. Around 90% of household customers are dependent on big six energy provider for gas and electricity supply. However, do you know what type of relationship¬† consumers and big six companies share with each other? This article is all…

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Smart thermostats vs Smart Meters

As you already aware that UK is not warm country for half of the year and on account of this 80% of your energy bills is utilized for heating purpose only. With the advancement in tech world, you can regulate home’s energy and heating like smart thermostats, smart meter etc. Since, winter season has arrived, it’s very essential to control…

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Expert’s Advice on Energy! Moving House

When you Move House generally there is a lot of chaos and things are messed up completely. Gas and Electricity supply should be one on top of your list to get sorted out.¬† It is possible that your current supplier is not present in the new region / postcode. Here is the conversation with our experts to help you in…

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