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Effortless Ways to Save Money in Rental Apartment

Whether it is a family, couple or young one, now a days everyone prefers to have a rental house rather than own property. Obviously, you may think that if you stay in the rental apartment, you can’t save money on electric bill. But, it’s not true. Being a tenant, you can still perform some effective activities to Save Money on…

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Smart Home System Improves Energy Efficiency

With upgrading technologies, tremendous options are available to manage electricity usage at home. Smart Home System is not new, yet previously complicated and expensive, out of people’s reach. The biggest factor of change is the rise of wireless technology. Nowadays, we carry smartphones in our pocket that is enough to handle powerful tools to make life easier. How to save…

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Best Practices on Switching with Prepayment Meter

Prepayment meter is defined as pay as you go, means you have to pay in advance instead of monthly and quarterly payment. Basically, it is a domestic type meter. Around 6 million prepayment meter is installed in household across UK. Customer uses smartcard, token or some kind of key to do payment via smartphone app or shop. From last year,…

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