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Faithful Energy Customers Overpaying by £5.4bn per year

Recent inspection regarding energy comparison sites revealed that those customers who stays loyal with their supplier for years. They paid some £5.4bn a year to the energy companies. Even, a third of UK households who stuck to the same supplier for more than five years, have spent  £18.7bn more than required. Just because of this, media talks a lot about…

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Guidelines to Compare Energy Tariffs

If you are one among the customer looking to change energy supplier, here are few guidelines to compare energy tariffs. Why should you Compare? Obviously, the most important factor is money. You save a lot of money when you compare and switch to a different tariff, either with the same supplier or a new supplier. To be always on the…

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What is Energy Comparison?

Overview of Energy Comparison Energy comparison is the process of comparing different energy providers in an area to locate the provider with the cheapest tariff for gas and electricity. In the UK, while energy prices are vastly controlled by international rates, there is considerable variation in prices among providers themselves. The Big Six energy companies set the tone for prices…

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