UK Consumers and Big Six Energy Providers Relationships

As you are well aware about what’s going on in energy industry now a days. Five major big six suppliers raised prices. Around 90% of household customers are dependent on big six energy provider for gas and electricity supply. However, do you know what type of relationship  consumers and big six companies share with each other? This article is all about UK consumers and big six energy providers relationships.

Customers are still stick to big six suppliers. Up to 7 in 10 customers are on expensive standard variable tariff with Npower, EDF, SSE, Scottish Power and Eon.

Peter Moorey, head of campaigns at Which?, said: “ Energy industry is still far away in order to work properly for customers. Even, the most important matter of concern is the energy prices. After investigation, it has been concluded that there are several problems in the energy market. Moreover, suppliers responses are dismal.”

Customers are paying hundreds of pounds more than the cheapest deal and yet energy providers are doing very less to properly involve with those customers. Energy companies are failed to help customers who are sticking on the default expensive tariffs for a prolonged period of years.

Overall, big six companies are providing not very great customer service. Unfortunately, consumers are paying more than they need to for energy bills. So, it’s better that customers switch to cheaper gas and electricity bills and save some money.

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