What is Energy Comparison?

Overview of Energy Comparison

Energy comparison is the process of comparing different energy providers in an area to locate the provider with the cheapest tariff for gas and electricity.

Energy Comparison

In the UK, while energy prices are vastly controlled by international rates, there is considerable variation in prices among providers themselves. The Big Six energy companies set the tone for prices in the market but new entrants in the market often provide much lower rates in order to attract more customers. So, at any given time and area, you can expect to see gas and electricity being offered at varying prices by various providers. A particular provider may also offer various tariffs to customers. Comparing prices offered by energy providers helps you to identify the cheapest tariff so that you can switch your provider accordingly and save money on your gas and electricity bills. Also, depending on your consumption style, a particular plan may be more suitable to you compared to others. You can compare providers and switch to a plan that gives you maximum savings.

The simplest way to compare energy providers is through energy comparison sites like Vswitch-Usave. Energy comparison sites have the latest information on tariffs offered by energy providers in a given area. So, you can simply provide your postcode to view a comparison of all providers in your area. Be sure to use a site that is reliable and gives you correct information regarding providers and their tariffs. To identify a reliable site, just look for the Ofgem Confidence Code on the site. This shows that the site abides by the regulations imposed by Ofgem, the UK energy regulator, and displays correct, unbiased information without favoring a particular provider.

Gas and electricity prices have increased by more than 150% in the last 10 years. Switching your gas and electricity providers can help you to avail lowest tariffs in the market and thus, save money on your energy bills.

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