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Saving Money on Gas Bills and Electricity Bills

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Here are some questions answered on what you expect from Switching Energy Supplier.

Yes, most of the time. We at VSUS compare wide range of suppliers in UK and display results through our website. You can choose the cheaper supplier and switch through the website. According to Ofgem, around 60% of UK household are using Standard variable Tariffs of Big Six companies. So, if you will switch energy provider then you can save lots of money.
Online process of switching supplier will take 4-5 minutes. The new supplier will start supply in 4-5 weeks time including cooling off period from the switching request.
The process of switching supplier is very simple and straightforward. It involves below given steps.
  • Enter your post code.
  • Fill up your current supplier information.
  • Compare prices from wide range of suppliers.
  • Select the cheaper supplier and submit the form.
  • The process completes.
After that, just sit back and relax, the supplier will contact you and completes the switching process.
No, there will be no interruption in energy supply. It only leads to the change in supplier and charges on gas and electricity bills. Still, you will get same physical energy and even nobody is coming to your home to again put pipes and cables. Only supplier company that bills you changes.
There are different companies with different plans and tariffs are available in market. So, in order to make your gas and electricity bills cheaper, compare prices and makes best choice and save money.
You will not be billed twice because companies agree on switch over date.
You have given a cooling off period of 14 days. If you change your decision of switching supplier to save money on gas and electricity bills, you just need to contact new supplier and inform them. They will cancel switching process without disturbing your energy supply.
You can change your supplier every 28 days but once you should check for the cancellation charges. If you are on fixed plan with fixed tariff under given time duration, you can go for switching one month before.
Our partner site (energy helpline) is accredited by Ofgem. We're completely impartial, comparing tariffs from all UK suppliers. You have the option to choose the the best deals currently available in the whole market. Tariffs are updated on a daily basis to give you accurate comparison.
Absolutely not. There is no hidden cost while switching supplier with us. We get paid a marginal commission when users switch via us and it comes from suppliers' advertisement budget.
Yes, it is possible to switch when you are on a fixed tariff. However, you need to check with your current supplier regarding early exit charges if any before switching. If the savings are still higher, you can go for a switch
Yes, you can talk to your supplier and ask for refund. You need to have up-to-date meter reading with you.
Yes, you can switch supplier if you pay the energy bills directly to the Supplier. According to Ofgem, landlord can not stop any tenant from switching their supplier.
Yes, we cover most of the suppliers & their tariffs in the market. In Vswitch Usave, you can compare gas & electricity bills with more than 50 suppliers to identify best supplier that suits you.
Check your bills to know your tariffs. All bills have the relevant information about your Supplier, Tariff, Payment method, Usage etc. In case, if you are unable to identify, you have the option of contacting your supplier directly over phone and get the details.
The calculator estimates your current energy usage based on your annual energy usage in terms of kilowatt hour (kWh), your bill amount or the data given during the comparison. It compares your current kWh usage with unit cost of your current supplier with current kWh usage multiplied by unit cost of other supplier in the market to drill down the best supplier with reasonable tariff.
Warm home discount scheme provide financial support to low income people and pensioners. This scheme offer a rebate of £140 on winter electricity costs.
Switching with Vswitch Usave is very simple and easy in 3 steps. Enter your post code in website, Compare using your current supplier / Tariff / Payment method and other details, click Submit. Your switching is almost done online.
This option is not available at the moment, tariffs might change later. Existing best offer which suits for you now, may not be available in future. That's why it is not possible to reserve your switching.
You can switch as many times as you want, however you have remain with the same supplier for 28 days from the date of switching. Depending on the tariff you choose, there may be some cancellation charge if you move out.
If the current tariff has a cancellation fee, the supplier charges you for the early exit. However, as per the ofgem regulatory guidelines, energy suppliers are not supposed to charge early exit fee when customers have less than 49 days before the tariffs end.
You are given a cooling off period of 14 days. If you change your decision of switching supplier to save money on gas and electricity bills, you just need to contact new supplier and inform them. They will cancel switching process without disturbing your energy supply.
It is not required to contact your existing supplier before switching to new supplier. Either you can directly switch your supplier in our website (Vswitch Usave) or you can email us to or even reach us on phone no. - 2080899198.
As a energy comparison company, we will not be able to help you on this, since it involves meter changing. Plesae contact your existing supplier directly and get assistance.
Most often, smart meters are not always compatible with different suppliers. It might lose certain functionality while switching. You may have to provide manual meter readings to new supplier.
Most suppliers want to retain their existing customers by providing attractive offers/deals available with them. If you want to know the best deal in the whole of the market, it is ideal to compare your gas and electricity price through comparison portal like vswitchusave. Sometimes, it is possible that your own supplier is the top cheaper supplier.
Usually your new supplier should contact you within a couple of weeks of you submitting the application. But if you haven't heard from them, you may have to contact them directly to get an update on your switch. Vswitch Usave usually sends switch applications to energy suppliers within 24 to 48 hours. We're only updated about the status (Rejected or Accepted) after they've happened.
If you are using key / card meter, you can still switch provided your debit is below £500 for each fuel. If you are using standard meter, you have to contact your supplier for switching.
White meter tariff is also called as "Economy 7 tariff" or "Off Peak Tariff", you can pay different unit price based on what time of day you use it. You can compare tariffs / prices in the same way how others are performing in comparison websites if it is Economy 7 tariff.
Your Electricity Bill will have 2 different unit rates, one for day and one for night. if yes, then you have economy -7 Meter. The bill shows the Economy usage as Night time charges.
Prepayment meter are the domestic energy meter where the user pays for the energy before using it. This is like "pay as you go".
Credit meter is one of the most commonly used meter in UK. User who have a credit meter receive bills quarterly in a year. They pay after they use if they have a credit meter.
Yes, you can switch supplier but in order to get most competitive best tariff, you will need to change your prepayment meter to credit meter.
Smart meter is digital meter which automatically send meter readings directly to your supplier. It's digital display show how much energy you're using in terms of pounds and pence.
You can directly contact your supplier to check whether they are installing smart meter in your area or not.
There is no additional cost involved in installing your smart meter. Basically, smart meter gives information on how much you are spending on energy, which appliance consumes more energy and it also help to save money on your energy bills. It means an end to estimated bills.