Smart thermostats vs Smart Meters

As you already aware that UK is not warm country for half of the year and on account of this 80% of your energy bills is utilized for heating purpose only. With the advancement in tech world, you can regulate home’s energy and heating like smart thermostats, smart meter etc. Since, winter season has arrived, it’s very essential to control energy usage otherwise it will lead to high energy bills. Having several smart devices, you can easily manage and monitor your usage. On the other hand, it’s quite possible that you may get confused in the actual functionality of smart tech due to some similarities. So, this blog is all about the two most popular smart devices – Smart thermostats vs Smart Meters.

smart meter vs smart thermostats

Smart Thermostats – This device is very user-friendly and easily accessible. It is used to remotely manage home’s temperature via phone, computer or tablet. It’s main purpose is to control over central heating. Using thermostat, you can change temperature through dial and control panel. It performs tasks using three components. First one plugs directly connects to the boiler and wirelessly talks to the second component. The last component is an app which is used by customer via smartphone to remotely access heating devices. Some of the popular brands of smart thermostats are Hive, Owl, Tado and Nest.

Smart Meter – This is the newly launched meter that digitally and automatically transfer meter readings to your energy supplier. It gives exact energy bills and avoids the issue of credit and debit with energy provider. In fact, it comes with home display monitor, so that you can easily control your energy bills. Even, the UK Government has planned to offer smart meter through their supplier in order to update energy industry. Basically, it gives insight view of energy usage, so that you can minimize your over expanses on gas and electricity bills.

Should you make your home smart?

Obviously yes, it’s not just that if you make your home smart, then you can save money. With smart tech, you can make your home energy efficient. Both the devices are effective and efficient, if you know how to use it appropriately. If you understand your unwanted energy consumption then you can control it properly. Despite of this, if you are planning to switch your supplier for saving money on gas and electricity bills, you can do it with vswitchusave. Compare electricity rates online, find cheap energy tariffs and switch energy suppliers. In case, you require any help, our expert team is always ready to guide you.

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