10 Quick Tips to Saving Money on Gas and Electricity Bills

Do you have any idea that electrical appliance sucks up most of the energy & make you to pay huge amount on electricity bill? Read this article carefully to know about 10 Quick Tips to Saving Money on Gas and Electricity Bills.

5 Basic do’s for reducing Energy bills are

  1. Use Lights only when required. Try using Natural lighting using Conservatory.
  2. Instead of using remote to switch off your TV and other appliances, switch of the main power
  3. Boil only required amount of water
  4. Take a Quick shower instead of filling the bath tub with hot water
  5. Use washing machine and dishwasher on full loadSaving Money on Gas and Electricity Bills

5 Major do’s to Saving Money on Gas and Electricity Bills

  1. Insulation – As you are aware, Insulation plays a major role in saving money on electricity. If not insulated properly it leads to heat loss, commonly in roofs, walls, ceilings and floors. Insulation works effectively in keeping your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.  This primarily saves up to 40% in your electricity bills and also reduces green house emissions. Insulation are of different types. Some of the insulation are Roof and Loft Insulation, Floor Insulation, Cavity Wall etc. These can be done by using different insulation related products. You can do a Blanket Insulation, Sheet Loft Insulation, Loose-fill, Sheep Wool, Sprayed Foam etc.Overall, its depend on the location of your home, the structure and the amount you would like to invest.
  2. Double or Triple Glazing – By having a double or triple glazed door or Window, you can reduce Heat transmission thereby save money on Electricity and Gas bills.  It also reduces noise level inside the house that gets transmitted through the windows and doors.
  3. Draught Proofing  – It is one of the easiest ways to cut down energy bills at home. Simply, stop cold air coming in and warm air going out.
  4. Use LED Lighting – LED Lighting considerably reduces your electricity consumption and save a lot of money on energy.
  5. Switch Energy Supplier  – You may switch your energy supplier by doing a price comparison through price comparison websites. You can compare electricity price by comparing the unit charges. There are lots of cheaper deals available with various suppliers.

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