UK Renters can Switch Energy Suppliers

Are you renting? Do you know being a tenant what’s your rights and responsibility towards your home? Energy bills are the good starting point for saving money. Energy consumption is fully in your control and by following effective energy saving tips can save you money. In general, renters assume that they cannot change their energy suppliers but you can change without your landlord’s permission.

Issues related to Switching if you are Renting-

  • 13% of landlord said that they will not allow the tenant to switch energy supplier and results in adding £161 million to energy bills.
  • 36% of landlord misunderstood the concept of preferred energy supplier as they can stop tenant switching.
  • 230,000 renters mentioned that they hadn’t switched as there clause in tenancy agreement saying that they can’t perform switching process.

Other than all these misconceptions, OFGEM (energy regulator) states that renter who is directly responsible for their own energy consumption have legal rights to switch energy provider if they want. From doing this, landlords and letting agent can’t stop without any considerable reason. Thus, switch energy supplier and save money on gas and electricity bills.

How to Switch Energy supplier?

It is very easy and simple process to avail cheapest gas and electricity by switching. First of all, you have to compare gas and electricity prices using energy comparison sites like Please check for OFGEM accredited websites for comparison.

Still confused, need not worry, just drop your number our energy expert will call you and help you with any issue related to switching energy supplier.

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