Top 5 myths about Switching Energy Suppliers

As per recent reports, approximately 4.8 million people change their gas and electricity suppliers. However, there are still lots of people paying the excess energy bill. Ofgem confirms that 60% of customers are on standard variable tariffs, which is more expensive than the cheaper deals available in the market. After speaking to the customer service, we find some common myths about switching energy suppliers on daily basis.

With this article of mine, I will try to reduce the myths and misconceptions present in customer’s mind. So that they can switch energy supplier and go for cheaper gas and electricity deals for their business as well as home.

Myths about Switching Energy Suppliers –

Myth 1 -Switching is a very complex process

It is one of the strongest reason why people don’t want to switch supplier. Even, they don’t prefer to compare gas and electricity prices. But the reality is different.

People think that they have to undergo the whole complex switching process which is time- consuming. It is just that hesitation for the 1st time. When you do it once, you continue to do it as you see a good amount of saving.   Nowadays, there are a lot of comparison websites available for energy comparison. What you have to do is just find suitable websites that will switch energy provider on behalf of you.

Myth 2 – End up on zero saving after switching energy supplier

Lots of people believe that they will either end up paying the same amount after switching or even more.  Once you confirm your switch application, you get everything in email or post, depending on your choice. During the switching process itself, you will know the unit rate, your direct debit amount and all terms and conditions. You will be charged only from “go live” date. So, you can be assured of whatever saving is quoted to you. In fact, energy comparison will only help you to choose the cheapest tariff and save a lot of money and not otherwise.

Myth 3 – Energy supply will get disturbed  

Customer think that their energy supply will be interrupted if they switch supplier. However, the fact is that only energy bill will come from another company and gas and electricity supply will continue as usual.

Myth 4 Being tenant, I can’t switch my gas and electricity supplier

In case, your homeowner is directly paying for utilities, only then you can’t switch. Otherwise, you can conveniently switch your energy supplier. For more information related to this, read our article – Guide to Switching Energy Suppliers for Tenants

Myth 5 – I’ m on debt with my current supplier, I can’t switch 

If you have prepayment meter and debt less than £500, you can simply switch supplier. Unfortunately, if you owe more that £500, read our article for more options – Switching energy supplier if you’re in debt

Still having doubt, drop your number and our energy expert will call you and help you in this regard.

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