Prepay Meters makes Poorer Households Pay More for Energy Bills

Poorer household customers are paying more than the customers on the cheapest energy tariff. Non Prepayment customers have enormous choices like online, dual fuel, fixed, green and discounted plans. Unfortunately, prepay customers can use only single tariff offered by the energy suppliers.

As often, prepayment plan is much more expensive than other cheaper deals. There are several negative sides of prepayment meters. For beginners, who run out of energy unexpectedly, energy supply will stop and need to press emergency credit button to get some time for recharge top up card or key.

So, it’s very important to stay near the shop that offers a pay point. Even, enough credit amount during holiday periods like bank holiday, Christmas, etc is necessary as top ups are not available on these days.

Moreover, most of the energy firms claim that customers prefer a prepay meter to balance their expenses. But the truth is different, it’s not always the customers’ choice to go for prepayment meter. In most cases, when customers fail to give credit check for monthly or quarterly billing to the suppliers, they insist them to take prepayment meter. Even, if the customers have debt on their account, providers force them to go for prepayment meters.

Is it possible to replace prepayment meter?

Being a prepayment meter customers doesn’t mean you have to pay more than necessary. Save money on energy bills by switching to credit, post-pay and other profitable energy deals. Apart from this your energy supplier matters a lot when it comes to switching for the new meter. British Gas, EDF Energy and E. ON all carry out the switching process free, while SSE and Scottish Power charge upwards of £45 per fuel to switch you over. NPower will remove prepayment meters free, but only if the meter is from your old house.

In case you are staying in rented property, you need to ask the property owner before changing meter. Now, according to the present criteria, hike in energy prices by big six companies. The thing which you can do is Switch energy suppliers and choose best gas and electricity deals. Otherwise, you have to pay extra amount for your energy supply in coming months.

Compare energy with trusted website, and avail cheaper tariff for your home as well as business.

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